Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We know, we know... we have been terrible at updating the blog with pictures and stories.  So here we go... 6 weeks worth...

After 7 days in the NICU, Ella was able to come home and we began our adventure as a family of four.  Brett was home the first week as well as my mom stayed with us the first week to help with feedings, changings, housecleaning, cooking, and more.  Then Brett's mom stayed the following week and the third week, my mom came back again.  With much appreciated help, we survived three weeks at home with our little ones (better yet, THEY survived with us!).

Week 4 was my first week home alone with just me, the kids and dog :)  Everything has been going great... sleep deprived as to be expected, but the kids are doing wonderful (per the doc).  Here are their stats...
Ella - Born at 6 lbs 8oz and 18" long --- at her one month check up she weighs in at 9 lbs 7oz and is 20.5" long.  Jax - Born at 4 lbs 10oz and 18" long --- at his one month check up he weighs in at 7 lbs 6oz and is 20.25" long.  They are beginning to smile at us which is super sweet and simply adorable.  And our other "child", Lexy, is in love with their pacifiers; she is quick to scan each area they just frequented (activity gym, bouncy chairs or swing) in hopes to find a pacifier to chew on.  She's been a little deprived on exercise, but we'll get that rectified soon. 

Here are some pictures from 1 week old (when they were first together) to 6 weeks old.

1 week old - Together at last...

First Easter...

3 weeks old - Cuddle time...

First walk around the neighborhood... Lexy was VERY excited!

4 weeks old...

One month old...

Lexy cuddled up to Ella...
Lexy and her brother, Jax...
5 weeks old - Ella and Jax with their cousins, Hannah and Luke...

6 weeks old - after bath time...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!

A little late for an update, but we've finally gotten a few minutes to post an official update.
Introducing - Jax Michael Bunger and Ella Ryan Bunger

Friday the 26th, we went in for a scheduled c-section, because Jax was still breach. It was kind of a weird experience for us both as we made it to 38 weeks, well beyond expectations, and without a single contraction, water breaking, labor, etc. So it sort of felt like going to the drive-thru and asking for a couple of kids.

They brought me in after she was all set up (spinal in, curtain up, etc) and let me sit by Crystal's head. They did let me stand up and look when they pulled each one of them out and take a few pictures (won't post those here of course). They also let me come around the curtain after Ella was already delivered and see Jax's little feet pushed up against his unbroken sack, right before they delivered him.
Ella Ryan was born at 9:21am and weighed in at 6 pounds 8 ounces, and 18" long.
Jax Michael was born 2 minutes later and weighed in at 4 pounds 10 ounces, and also 18" long.

In the nursery, they checked them all out and ran their tests and all the other good stuff, as well as a visit with mom in recovery and back for their first baths. As c-section babies, without being pushed through the birth canal, they typically retain some amniotic fluid in their lungs and in their tummies. The nurses and delivery pediatric doctor were both worried about Jax, both because he was small, but also because he was "grunting", struggling to get that fluid out. His cleared up quickly, but around 3 hours after birth, Ella was still doing a little grunting of her own. Just about that time, our pediatrician came in during his lunch hour to see them, and she had her first episode where her oxygen level "desaturated" below what they like. At that point, he talked to the neo-natal unit and asked for a consult. That doctor then came down and recommended admitting her into the NICU for closer supervision. We were later told that he thought Jax would be up there shortly as well (they even saved him a bed in the NICU next to her).
The meds really kicked Crystal's butt (as she's a drug pansy), and she couldn't hold anything down for 12 hours after the surgery. At the 12 hour mark, a little nurse (literally) and I attempted to get her up per recommendation and to the bathroom to clean up some. There, she had lots of pain and got sick again, which caused even more pain, which then caused her to pass out, not once, but twice. So that was not a fun episode to go through, but looked worse than it was apparently. She had lost a lot of blood because of the twin delivery, and also hadn't had anything to eat since late the night before.
The doctors recommended that Jax stay in the nursery that night and just be brought to our room to feed, as they were continually monitoring his body temperature, blood sugar levels, etc, thinking they'd have to send him upstairs to the NICU as well.
Well he toughed it out and hung in there. And Crystal started to feel better and get some liquids, then soft food, then finally "real" (hospital) food down. Jax was released to room-in with us full time. We still could send him to the nursery to watch as we visited Ella upstairs or to get a few hours of sleep. After 4 days and a little weight gain, they released him to be discharged with Crystal. He was a favorite with the nurses and they spoiled him rotten. Many of the nurses/doctors told us that often times the smaller twin is the one that toughs it out and is scrappy because he/she has been fighting the whole time in the womb. I guess that's the same for us, especially with Ella outweighing him by 2 lbs.

So now on to Ella...let me start by saying that we've been so very impressed with the level of care at Seton, and especially in the NICU. Not sure how to thank them for what they do everyday for these little babies. Last night, we had to leave the hospital without her and come home and bring the Jax-man home. She is having some sporadic “episodes” where she gets worked up either crying or while eating (picture all sucking inhales, without any exhales) where she “desaturates”. Basically, she has to be reminded to breathe during an episode. They are not sure what was causing it, they first thought she had a little tear in her lung. After an x-ray, they determined that she didn’t have any tears. Long story short, they ordered an EKG to look at her heart and what was going on with the blood flow. Everything was good, except she showed a little high pressure and higher than normal blood velocity between one of her arteries – which they characterized as pulmonary hypertension. Anyway, it’s a common issue for preemies, but not for term babies like her. So they just kept her to watch her and care for her closely. A few days later, they re-ran the Echo and also did a CT scan to rule out any bleeding or anything in the brain. Basically one of the neonatal docs said that it’s perplexing because a baby with a perfectly good heart and lungs shouldn’t be having that problem. The 2nd EKG looked improved and the CT scan was completely normal. So, the test mostly just ruled things out, and we’re just waiting for her to grow out of this problem.

Fast forward to yesterday morning (Wednesday) and they removed her supplemental oxygen tube in her nose and continued to monitor her. She’s done well since and hasn’t had any episodes lately. She passed her car seat test and hearing test (she’s a little genius like her little brother), and is ready to go home in the morning (Friday – 7 days old now) once all of her doctors discharge her formally in the morning. So we’re really excited for that and for her to get home with the rest of the family.
Here are few family pics…
Dad and Miss Ella

Ella with Mom and Dad

Jax and Proud Papa in the nursery with Grandparents looking on.

Mom and Jax

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's a date!

March 26th is our date to have these babies! The girl is head down, but the boy is still head up so I have a c-section scheduled for this Friday, March 26th. We are very excited to finally meet these two little ones... a little nervous to double our family in size, but thrilled all at the same time. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers through this pregnancy... I can honestly say, it was not terrible! In the last few weeks, I have had trouble getting comfortable to sleep (but doesn't every pregnant woman?!!) so again, not to shabby of a pregnancy especially for twins. Friday will be 38 weeks which is great that we surpassed the goal of 36 weeks. I have been on bed rest for 5 weeks now. Really, I like to call it "couch rest" because I am literally on the couch all day long (only in bed to sleep at night). Lexy and I have had some serious bonding time since I have been home :) I worked throughout the entire bed rest which helped tremendously as I would have been thoroughly bored had I not had something to focus on. And Brett has been such a huge help with everything... I think I have mentioned before that he has had to do everything... literally. From cleaning to cooking meals to yardwork to helping me get up from the couch :) and getting me anything and everything I ask for... he's been a blessing all while still working lots of hours trying to close out projects before the babies arrive. Our families have also been a huge help by running errands for us, providing meals, and doing anything they can to help both of us out. I couldn't have made it this long without all of the help we received so thank you!!! Here's the final belly shots at 37 weeks and 4 days.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Definitely March Babies!

Quick update --- Not much has changed since the last update... I am still on bed rest and working from home. Our goal was to make 36 weeks so if we make it through tonight, we will have reached our goal! :) The doctor doesn't think it will be much longer so I am always watching for "signs", but so far... nada. He has officially scheduled us and put us on the books for a c-section on Friday, March 26th. I will be 38 weeks then so if they don't decide to come out before... their birth date will be March 26, 2010! Stay tuned...
36 weeks photo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rest, rest and more rest!

We are down the final weeks (for a twin pregnancy, that is). I am currently 34 weeks and we're shooting for at least 36 weeks. In early February, my girlfriends threw Brett and I "Couples Baby Shower" in Dallas. It was really great to be able to gather all of our friends and family together in the area and celebrate the two growing munchkins. Carrie, Michelle and Mattie did a wonderful job hosting the shower and they had all my favorites... queso, brownies and lots of beer for the non-prego people :) Here is a picture of me at 31 weeks in front of the awesome diaper wreath they made for me (it will hang on my hospital room door).
Me with the hostesses - Carrie, Mattie and Michelle
Us with the Parkers
All was moving along well and then at 33 weeks, the girl "dropped" putting too much pressure on me so the doc prescribed full time bed rest! Now, I know it sounds delightful to HAVE to lay around all day long (literally), but let me tell you, it's not all that fun. I literally have to "lay" down all day and night, only sitting up to go to the restroom, dr appts and eating. Everything else --- horizontal position! Brett has taken on ALL of the household duties, last minute baby tasks, Lexy-duty... you name it, he's doing it. Luckily we had his parents come in one weekend and cook meals for us so he can heat up some yummy food after he gets home from work. And my folks came down to clean the house and do some random projects... all while I laid on the couch with my feet up :)
I have officially been on bed rest for 11 days now and we are into the middle of my 34th week of my pregnancy. We had another Couples shower planned in Austin last Saturday and I was determined to be there... so I laid on April's couch during the whole shower :) The hostesses did an awesome job with decor, food and beverages. I think everyone had a great time considering not a single soda was consumed, but all of the wine was depleted and a majority of the beer!
Here's a picture of me with the hostesses at 34 weeks -- Stephanie, Chrissy, April and Ann.
At the shower with Brett's sisters, parents, Aunt & Uncle and my parents.
They did a "divided" cake --- Texas Tech and Texas A&M.
That's all of our updates... now how 'bout them babies?! We had an ultrasound today with the specialist and they are growing right along. The baby girl is approx. 5 lbs 6 oz and the baby boy is approx. 4 lbs 2 oz. Yep, the girl is bigger and probably hogging all of the room in there! So that means I have over 9 lbs of baby inside of me! Craziness! All of their measurements (head, stomach, legs, fluids) look great. They are definitely scrunched up in there and we can't seem to get any more profile shots of them. I go in weekly to the specialist's office to check their fluids, heart rates, movement and make sure they are "practicing" their breathing. We watch the screen until their stomach/chest moves up and down like they are breathing... amazing that they know to "practice" this movement. The girl is head down and the boy is head up --- a little yin-yang-style going on there. They move around so much, my stomach looks possessed as random areas poke out here and there. Lexy seems to be getting used to it as she cuddles with me more and more by laying her head on my stomach. Her head bobs up and down as they kick her... very cute. Here's a picture of Lexy snuggled up next to my belly. We'll try to keep this blog up-to-date more frequently than we have in the past... babies should be here soon... but hopefully not TOO soon :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

7 months and counting...

It's been awhile since our last post... Brett was able to go to Lake Tahoe for a ski trip with work. Here's a picture of Scott, Brett and Dan relaxing after a run down the mountain. They had a great time gambling and skiing (actually Brett is snowboarding these days!). He says he tried the whole "babies need new pairs of shoes" at the Craps table, but no luck, he didn't bring home the big bucks from the casino. As for me, I've been great! Babies are all on track, weighing in at about 3.5lbs for the girl and 3lbs for the boy. I have to watch my carb intake and eat smaller meals more frequently (less queso is very hard!) to combat gestational diabetes. And I've been lucky (knock on wood) that I am still eating all of my favorite spicy foods :) I think the kids like it too... or at least I pretend that they are happy with the spice as they kick around in me. And man, they are moving! We can see body parts moving in my stomach... looks like little aliens trying to get out. It's a really cool and interesting feeling being able to feel them move around, kick, punch and hiccup. Here's a picture of me at 30 weeks. They say 36 weeks is the average delivery week for twins... I would love to go "full term" at 40 weeks or even 38 would be great. Below is a picture of our little girl. It's getting harder and harder to get good pictures of them because they are all scrunched in there. I can barely make these pictures out! So this is a profile of her, right in the center you can see her eye socket and her nose is to the left of that. And below is our boy... this picture is not a profile, but a straight on face shot with his arm in front of his face. So the lightest object in the middle is his arm coming from the bottom upwards (fist is round) crossing over his face. To the left of his arm is the bridge of his nose and then further left are his two eyes. Brett had to show me about 3 times before I could actually see his face! Basically you have to tilt your head to the left to see him upright.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Results are in...

Here's a picture of us headed to my company's Christmas party - Crystal at 24 weeks. For some reason, she wasn't quite as into getting over-served and acting like idiots like the rest of us this year.
Belly at 26 weeks...
Here's a picture of the notes that were written in the envelopes for us at our first measurement sonogram around 20 weeks. After getting the full court press from all sides, she finally caved and agreed to open them up on Christmas morning. The boy and one girl.